Harvesting rainwater is essentially storing untreated water in a rain collection system. This means it almost certainly contains contaminants or microbial agents. GS Agri rainwater harvesting systems are designed to provide water collection and storage with filtration that eliminates contamination and biohazards.

Rainfall will pick up particles along the way and when the water is collected from rooftop surfaces it more than likely to be contaminated with rodent and bird droppings. Rainwater filtration is important for example on a dairy farm where there is a large demand for clean water.

Collected in a rainwater storage tank, the water can easily be filtered to remove contaminants and a UV light installed to kill bacteria, Further to this chlorine dioxide can be dosed into the water to kill contaminants.

Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is typically used for washing down yards and sheds, cleaning factories, and feeding livestock. Think of the cost-saving by harvesting water that is free, it also helps with low lying flood areas, not forgetting the difference it would make to our water reservoirs.

“The reuse of water by rainwater harvesting can improve the overall Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) performance for a building. BREEAM is an environmental assessment for new and existing buildings, which was developed by the Building Research Establishment and is the leading – and most widely used – environmental assessment method for best practice in sustainable design.”

Source: NI Business info website

Our guidance to farmers and producers is that you should invest in a Rainwater storage tank large enough to collect water – without it overflowing – at the wettest time of year.

The system that we installed on this dairy farm includes a 50m3 external water storage tank that has been fitted with rainwater filtration to remove leaves and bird droppings. The harvested water is being used to wash down the farmyard and sheds. We can also advise on rainwater harvesting as drinking water for livestock and poultry.

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