Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is free and by harvesting this rain we provide ourselves with an independent water supply during times of water restrictions. It can also supplement the mains supply, therefore saving money. Collecting rainwater can also assist in mitigating the flooding of low-lying areas. Harvested rainwater is suitable for many applications including wash down/pressure washing of yards and vehicles, irrigation, dust suppression, spraying and the watering of livestock.

Water that is unfiltered can contain organic matter, this will strip the oxygen from the water. Overtime the water will deteriorate. As a result the water can become stagnant, discoloured and may smell. In order to prevent this from happening  Rainwater is filtered when entering your external water storage tank. It is kept in the dark to discourage algal growth.

If the water is going to your livestock an external UV light can be installed, when the water passes via the UV light it will kill any bacteria, a UV light will only work on clear water, so the water must be filtered before travelling through the UV light.

Inbuilt calming inlets ensure that any sediment at the bottom of the tank does not get stirred up. Note: This water is not fit for human consumption.

A quick simple calculation of roof size will help determine the size of system you need.

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