Dutrion Tablet® is a transportable, non-explosive, chlorine dioxide tablet, once added to a specific volume of water, reacts quickly and safe into a long lasting active chlorine dioxide solution.

Dutrion will

  • Dissolve quickly in hot and cold water
  • Clean water
  • Sanitise drinker lines, including removal of biofilm
  • Not harm plumbing fittings unlike acid
  • Be kind to the animals gut unlike acids
  • Kill bacteria, viruses and spores and Ecoli

Poultry farming

  • Helps birds gut – Kills bad bacteria but leaves the good
  • Improves eggshell quality up to the end of the crop
  • Increases water and feed intake
  • Stops scouring

Pig farming

  • Helps prevent scouring
  • Improves gut quality – removes bad bacteria but keeps the good 

 Dairy farming

  •  Removes bad bacteria but keeps the good – aiding digestion 
  • Increases water consumption which in turn increases milk production.

Dutrion can be used across many applications including, shock dosing at a higher concentration level, fogging of premises, sheds and factories , washing down sheds and factories. The chlorine dioxide solution has a long shelf life of 30-60 days.

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Dutrion tablets in the packaging

The In-Fluid Dosing Tank and Compact Dosing Robot

The In-Fluid tank is made up of 6mm PVC wall thickness and holds 15 litres of water, it is very versatile and it can be used to dose Dutrion (CL02), Vaccines, Medication and other cleaning products.

The tank includes:

  • Automatic refill controlled by a level sensor
  • Communication with the Compact Dosing Robot pump
  • Smart dosing programmes to suit individual farms
  • Alarm functions i.e when the tank needs refilled
  • Charcoal filter
  • Drain in bottom to clean out solids

The Compact Dosing Robot CDR-25 is easy to install, easy to operate – Plug and Play!

  • The CDR-25 is programmable on screen or via PC/tablet
  • High tech
  • Water data available to help you improve production results
  • Robust linear motor
  • Dosing volume of 10.8Lt per hour
  • Very quiet – All parts move in water
  • Operating flow range of 0.1 to 50 litres per minute