Clean Egg 252

The Clean Egg 252 is the best, fastest and most reliable hatching egg sanitiser with the highest hatchability.

As a result, every 8 minutes you will have clean eggs. With a prewash (to prevent nozzles from clogging), a main wash and rinse cycle. No idle time for warming up water between cycles because of an optional boiler. That is crucial for the fastest washing time and for a high hatchability! Sanitize and warming water at the same time also gives of course a big advantage regarding to the capacity of sanitized eggs per hour.

Machine immediately shuts down when opening the door (lifted automatically). It took several years so that we are now convinced to say that we have the best egg sanitizers with the Clean egg 252. More than 50 countries worldwide.

Every machine comes with 7 trays, Temperature gauge, Egg wash pump and a watermix valve for the right temperature.

• Good hatchability;
• Fully stainless steel;
• No cracked eggs;
• washes approx 1980 eggs per hour.

• To be used with Egg Wash detergent (approx. 30 ml per cycle) in jerrycan of 25 Kg;
• Boiler 25 ltr, with inletcombination(warm water must be within 3 meters of the machine and the temperature should be 43 degrees Celsius/2-3 Bar water pressure:
• Extra Trays.

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Watch the video above to see how the Clean Egg 252 sanitises eggs in only 8 minutes!

Clean Egg 252 machine