Bio security. Automated vehicle disinfectant spray system

Biosecurity – Help protect your business from the spread of disease.

Bio security systems are used to prevent outbreaks of disease spreading and causing serious effects on your livestock. GS Agri Systems are specialist in bio security, we can supply and install a system to suit your needs.

Why Choose The Bio-Sparge?

This form of Biosecurity is award winning, cost effective and is robust making it ideal for most challenging environments.
We have a variety of models to suit all needs and is available in any RAL number colour. The bio-sparge uses environmental friendly, hospital grade disinfectant
making it a safe choice.

How does the Bio-Sparge work?

The disinfectant wheel spray system is simple to operate, and robust and works in most challenging environments. The Bio-Sparge incorporates a dosing valve and pump that applies a barrier of disinfectant solution via spray nozzles to the underside and sides of vehicles. The system is triggered automatically by all approaching vehicles and can be programmed directionally. The Bio-Sparge is in use at show grounds, livestock auctions and poultry and pig farms in the UK and worldwide.

  • The vehicle disinfectant spray system is available in different sizes, to suit smaller vehicles up to the large HGV lorries.
  • The Bio-Sparge uses either mains or farm bore hole water which is then automatically mixed at a controlled percentage with a neutral PH chemical to provide the disinfectant spray,
  • The Bio-Sparge SMB incorporates internal heating to protect the Bio-Sparge’s components in cold weather together with automatic visual status alarms. These alarms provide protection to the Bio-Sparge in the event of a loss of water supply, or when operating in cold conditions
  • The Bio-Sparge SMB uses Smart Movement Beams to trigger the Bio-Sparge’s management system which operates the pump and valves for a pre-set time. The water and chemical / detergent solution is pumped through the spray bars to disinfect the vehicle at a pre-set dosage rate.

The Bio-Sparge SMB is best installed on a concrete base with a camber to assist run off and avoid puddles. When used with high volumes of traffic consideration should be given to the drainage and storage of the run-off water. The Bio-Sparge SMB should not be installed on soft ground, gravel, or tarmac and will not be warranted.



230v 50Hz, 13A, Single Phase

A qualified electrician should undertake the electrical installation. All electrical components are CE Marked and the Control Cabinet wired to EN60204-1.


We recommend that a tap, or isolation valve should be installed in the water supply to the Bio-Sparge Cabinet, to allow the water supply to be turned off for maintenance of the Bio- Sparge SMB.

Clean Mains water, or a Borehole water supply, minimum pressure 2 bar (29 PSI) maximum pressure 7 bar (100 PSI).


It is recommended that a biodegradable PH neutral Chemical / Disinfectant is used with the Bio-Sparge SMB.

Consult with your chemical supplier and ensure that the chemicals used comply with all regulations and local bylaws.


The system needs to be mounted on a concrete base with all of its counter parts (sensor posts, spray bars, main unit etc).

We have a variety of Bio-Sparge models to suit your needs. Email us for more information. 

Watch the video above to see the Bio-Sparge in action!

Bio security system at entrance of poultry farm

Vehicle Disinfectant System at the entrance of a Poultry Farm