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Bio Security – Help protect your business from the spread of disease.

Bio-Sparge is a vehicle disinfectant spray system used to prevent outbreaks of disease spreading and causing serious effects on your poultry and livestock.

Why Choose The Bio-Sparge?

• Award winning
• Cost effective
• Simple to operate
• Robust construction
• Suitable for most challenging environments
• Variety of models to suit all needs
• Uses environmental friendly, hospital grade disinfectant
• Available in any RAL number colour.

How does the Bio-Sparge work?

The disinfectant wheel spray system is simple to operate, and robust and works in most challenging environments. The Bio-Sparge incorporates a dosing valve and pump that applies a barrier of disinfectant solution via spray nozzles to the underside and sides of vehicles. The system is triggered automatically by all approaching vehicles and can be programmed directionally. The Bio-Sparge is in use at show grounds, livestock auctions and poultry and pig farms in the UK and worldwide.

We have a variety of Bio-Sparge models to suit your needs.

Watch the video above to see the Bio-Sparge in action!

Vehicle Disinfectant System at the entrance of a Poultry Farm