About us

GS Agri Systems was established in 2015 by Gabriel Scullion who has over 25 years expertise in the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland agricultural sector.

Based in the heart of the County Tyrone countryside, we are a specialist water filtration and dosing systems installation company. Covering Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, we source premium products worldwide to ensure optimal solutions for our customers.

We understand farmers needs and are committed to providing the highest quality water analysis, bespoke water filtration installation and after-sales service.

GS Agri Systems is also a market leading supplier of water filters, dosing systems, bio security and both corrugated and moulded external water storage tanks. With unrivalled knowledge and experience in water filtration and purification we will ensure your water is of the highest quality, increasing water and feed intake and therefore increasing performance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

We’re passionate about making your farming a success


GS Agri Systems are working inline with the Government guidelines and  regulations regarding COVID-19. During work the correct face coverings are worn and areas of work are disinfected before work commences and after completion.


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